CASHFACTS are written specifically for small charities and community groups. They are designed to be used both as an introduction for new management committee members and as practical workbooks for staff and volunteers.

Some CASHFACTS will provide an overview of the subject and then link to more detailed information provided by other organisations.

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CASH eNEWS will also include details of published factsheets, along with a reminder of the annual update to key information from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Companies House.


Accounting for cash

How to account for cash including how to set-up and maintain a petty cash imprest system.

Audit and independent examination

How to prepare for an audit and or independent examinations. Being prepared can cut your costs.

Bank reconciliation

A step-by-step guide to carrying out a bank reconciliation, an essential tool for checking the accuracy of your bookkeeping.

Charity tax: an introduction

An introduction to tax for small charities and community groups. It includes income tax and national insurance, tax and freelance workers, tax and volunteers, when charities have to pay tax on income and charity tax relief, corporation tax, and charities and VAT.

Finance worker

The role of a finance/administration worker in a small charity including monthly and annual tasks.


This factsheet covers writing applications/bids and gives a brief introduction to online fundraising. It includes identifying projects, producing budgets, identifying outcomes and outputs, matched funding and partnerships, monitoring and evaluation and the world of grants, contracts and service agreements.

NJC pay scales

These local government pay scales are widely used in the voluntary sector to determine salaries. They are formulated through negotiations between trade unions and the Local Government Association.  London groups can contact CASH for further information. The scales are not currently on this site. They are available on the site of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA).

Payroll: CASH’s advice & guidance

CASH advises groups to use a payroll service, however even if you do use a service there are things you need to know about your responsibilities as an employer. This factsheet is also relevant to groups who do run their own payroll.

Small charity & community group online resources

A brief introduction to various organisations providing resources for small charities and community groups.

Coming soon

The following CASHFACTS will be published by the end of the 2017/18 financial year:

Budgets/Full cost recovery/Bookkeeping/Treasurer’s diary/Financial Health Checks/Management accounts

Like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter and we’ll update you when each factsheet is published. CASH eNEWS will also include details of published factsheets.

The CASHFACTS series

By the end of March 2019, we hope to publish a series of factsheets covering all aspects of the financial management of small charities and community groups. The complete list will include:

Accounting for cash/Audit and independent examination/Bank reconciliation/Bookkeeping/Budgets/Business planning/Cash flow/CASHWORDS (Glossary)/Conflict of interests/Data protection: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/Delivering public services (contracts, procurement etc)/Equality & diversity policy/Finance worker/Financial controls/Financial health checks/Finance reports for management committees – Management Accounts/Final accounts/Fixed-asset register/Full cost recovery/Fundraising/Influencing & campaigning to support your work/Insurance/Marketing & branding for small charities and community groups/Organisation behaviour/Legal structures/Payroll/Pay scales (NJC)/Pensions/PQASSO finance/Reserves policy/Risk management/Tendering auditors & indedendent examiners/Treasurer’s job description/Treasurer’s role & diary/Trustee expenses policy/Trustees financial management & responsibilities/Unit costs/VAT & small charities/Volunteer policy (incl. expenses)/Understanding annual accounts & introduction to charity accounts/Workforce development for small charities and community groups.


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