CASHFACTS: Other subjects

There are some subjects which CASHFACTS won’t cover which are related to the financial management of small charities and community groups.

Listed below are details of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), pensions and insurance with links to other organisations who provide information.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All organisations that process personal data must comply with the new GDPR rules by 25 May 2018, and that includes small charities and community groups. GDPR covers many aspects of charity work ranging from maintaining lists of clients who receive services, to information collected for fundraising, to a privacy policy on a website.

Know How Non Profit, run by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). has published a short guide.

There are various training events and webinars available throughout the UK.

Your local CVS/Infrastructure organisation will be able to help. In the London Boroughs CASH is funded to work they are Kensington & Chelsea Social Council and Sobus (Hammersmith & Fulham).

Our updated privacy policy for this website will be published shortly.


CASH doesn’t have a factsheet on insurance, though we will look at the subject when we produce CASHFACTS: Risk management. For now, we are pointing you to the Charity Commission’s How to insure your charity and the more technical guide Charities and insurance. The latter has a short answer/long answer format which is useful.

The site VolResource has a list of insurers, including various specialist.

Your local CVS/Infrastructure organisation may well have a list of insurers used by local charities. In the London Boroughs CASH is funded to work they are Kensington & Chelsea Social Council and Sobus (Hammersmith & Fulham).


Small charities and community groups that employ people are required to provide a workplace pension for eligible staff through automatic enrolment.

In CASHFACTS Payroll: CASH’s advice & guidance there is a short paragraph pointing you to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Pensions Regulator.

The Charity Finance Group has a short factsheet for small charities on what you need to do as an employer and the cost of setting up pensions.

When we produce CASHFACTS Workforce development for small charities and community groups we’ll mention pensions.

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