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CASH articles

CASH regularly produces short articles for newsletters and bulletins. We’re making these available on this page. They are intended as source material for groups who want to put financial management information in their newsletters. More articles are being added.

Finance questions

Committee members often do not know what to ask when presented with a financial report. Here are a few points you might want to raise:

  • Was an accurate bank reconciliation completed?
  • Is the fundraising on target?
  • How much money are we owed at the end of the quarter?
  • Does anyone need to be invoiced and are we behind with invoicing?
  • Does the organisation have sufficient funds or certain sources of income to meet the next quarters commitments?

It may be that the treasurer or finance officer will not have the answers at the meeting. Ask for the answers to be prepared and given to the next meeting.

Working time directive

European legislation is now in place that stipulates:

  • Four weeks paid holiday per year.
  • Working hours restricted to 48 hours per week averaged over a four month period. Workers can voluntarily accept, in their contract of employment, to work beyond these limits.
  • Maximum working day is 13 hours.
  • Rest breaks at least every six hours.
  • A minimum rest period of 11 consecutive hours in each 24 hour period.
  • Normal working hours for night workers must not exceed 8 hours in any 24 hour period.
  • You must record people’s working hours.
  • Part-time workers are entitled to similar conditions to full-time workers.
  • Casual employees acquire rights to continuity of employment after one months work.

Volunteer expenses

Round sum expenses of £5.00 per day are taxable unless the volunteer has signed a P46 stating that the voluntary work is their only ‘job’. Since £5.00 per day expenses from your charity will add up to less than the standard tax allowance, the payment is not in itself taxable, but a second job might well take the amount someone receives over the tax threshold. People with pensions would incur a tax liability if the expenses and pension takes them over their personal tax allowance.

Employers are required to declare on the annual return to the inland revenue any payments to an individual that add up to £100 or more.

The inland revenue and benefits agency computers are becoming increasingly linked, so this could affect a volunteer’s benefits. CASH has asked the government to consider ring-fencing expenses of £5.00 per day paid to volunteers by charities from tax and benefit assessments. CASH received a very snotty reply.

Last updated: Wed, Apr 27 2005 - 12:02:44 PM

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