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Playtime at Maxilla Nursery

Joe Ramalho's retirement

Joe started working for CASH in June 1997 and has recently retired.

Joe comes from South American and Portugal where his family originates from. He came to London in the 60’s tried to become a carpenter, but was told his English was not good enough, so trained to be an accountant instead. He lived for a long time in Wornington Green, North Kensington with his wife and two sons and has now moved out to the leafy suburbs. Joe was treasurer of several local charities. Whilst working for CASH, Joe helped hundreds of London charities. He specialised in the software Quick Books.

Joe still comes in ten times a year to teach the Quick Books course for CASH.

These photos are from Joe’s retirement party.

Joe - Vilma gives present

Joe - opens present

Joe - likes present

Joe - group smiling

Joe - group

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