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Complaints procedure

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Community Accountancy Self Help (CASH) is an independent charity with a voluntary management committee. We aim to provide the best possible service with the resources that are available to us. However we are all human and there may be occasions when our service falls below the quality that it is reasonable for our users to expect. If this happens we need to know.

We will do our best to respond constructively and creatively to complaints and wherever possible and reasonable, change our practice as a result of a complaint.

Please let us know if we are getting it wrong. We can change our practice and do better in the future with your help.

How to make a formal complaint

  1. In the first instance, please try to discuss your complaint with the CASH employee involved. If you remain unsatisfied, then:
  2. The complaint should he made in writing to the Director of CASH. Telephone complaints must be confirmed in writing. CASH will bear the cost of translating a complaint into English if appropriate. The Director will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within fourteen days (excluding holidays).
  3. The Director will investigate the complaint.
  4. Complaints will always be brought to the attention of the next meeting of the Trustees.
  5. The Director will let the complainant know the results of their complaint as soon as possible – usually within twenty-eight days of receipt of the complaint.
  6. If the complainant is not happy with the results of the investigation they should write to the Chair of CASH who will arrange for a further investigation and will write to the complainant, usually within twenty-eight days.
  7. If the complainant is still not happy with the result of the investigation, they have the right to meet the Chair personally who will appoint a sub-committee of Trustees to consider the matter. The complainant and the sub-committee will, where possible, agree a way forward.
  8. Where appropriate CASH will formally apologise in writing to the complainant. This letter will be signed by the Director or Chair.
  9. CASH will keep a record of all complaints made to it and details of how the complaint was dealt with and what the resolution was.
  10. The outcome of each complaint will be reported to the next scheduled meeting of the Trustees.
  11. Complaints should be marked Private and Confidential and sent to: Tom Fitch Director of CASH Community Accountancy Self Help 1 Thorpe Close LONDON W10 5XL. If you wish to make a complaint against the Director write to, Vilma Williams-Powell Chair of CASH Community Accountancy Self Help 1 Thorpe Close LONDON W10 5XL.

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