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CASH Manifesto 2010

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CASH has produced a manifesto for the 2010 general election calling for more investment in community accountancy. We will be sending the manifesto to the main political parties and to candidates for the election in the boroughs in which CASH operates.

Why not download the manifesto and send it to candidates in your area? The deadline for nomination is April 20. After that date address details etc should be on local authority websites.

The Manifesto

Community Accountancy Self Help (CASH) wants the next Government to recognise the need for training in community accountancy for trustees, volunteers and employees of voluntary and community organisations. Voluntary and community organisations provide crucial services from the cradle to the grave for people in need. These services include health, education, employment and community safety. They are run by local people who often have little or no training in trusteeship or boardroom responsibility.

The next government should:

  1. Fund community accountancy training for voluntary organisations at levels 2 (GCSE) and 3 (A level) by allocating £20 million from the existing budgets of the Skills Funding Councils. This was in our 2005 manifesto but never acted on.
  2. Ensure that all charities with turnovers of less than £500,000 have access to a Community Accountancy Service. Cost £50 million p.a. funded by reallocating existing Office of the Third Sector budgets. This was in our 2005 manifesto but never acted on.
  3. Commission accredited courses at GCSE, A level and BTEC covering the voluntary sector, its history and role in current day society. This will encourage volunteering and trusteeship by young people. Cost £5 million funded from the Skills Funding Council budget. This was in our 2005 manifesto but never acted on.
  4. Commission and fund accredited courses for community accountants at level 3. None exist. Cost £1 million funded from the existing Skills Funding Council budget. This was in our 2005 manifesto but never acted on.
  5. Work with CASH and other charities to strengthen the financial skills of small voluntary organisations.

Voluntary sector spends 3% of GDP. Ninety percent of charities have turnovers of less than £150,000. A 5% improvement in productivity would create £1.8 billion of services for the poorest people in the community.

The above proposals do not cost additional money, they improve the allocation of existing spending and are a modest starting point for a sector that is keen to learn.

Good community accountancy is not bureaucracy, it provides accountability and efficiency. It focuses on teaching volunteers, trustees and workers good financial management skills. Without it, taxpayer’s money can be lost or wasted.

Learning and Skills Councils have total budgets of £9 billion and are meant to provide the nation with the skills it needs. Hairdressing receives more funding than is provided for financial skills in the voluntary sector. It is not possible to go to any college of further education in the UK and study to be the finance worker or treasurer of a voluntary organisation. The Skills Funding Council does not fund this type of course.

Most of this manifesto is the same as our 2005 manifesto. Government has had other priorities.

The voluntary sector is the bricks and mortar that builds communities. Let it learn.

Parliamentary publication 1

Parliamentary publication 2 read the final page.

Last updated: Fri, Apr 9 2010 - 12:08:34 PM

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