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  • CASHWORDS Our jargon buster/glossary of accountancy terms, with links to related CASHFACTS
  • HELP Information on how to get the best out of CASH-ONLINE.

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We have tried to make the site as easy to use as possible. However, you may experience some problems and we have sought to address some of the more common issues here.

Finding content

The site’s content is listed under the four linked headings at the top of the page, with subsections in a column on the right of the page. This is the same throughout the site.

To finds items quickly you can use the search engine or site map. Additionally, CASHWORDS acts as a glossary, with links to the relevant CASHFACTS.


CASH-ONLINE work with the vast majority of browsers currently on the market. We encourage people to use the latest versions of browsers:

Internet Explorer

There are, of course, other browsers, especially for the MAC and Linux market. But we’re assuming that if you’re using these operating systems, you are aware of the alternatives.


Some content is available in Mircosoft Word, Excel, PDF and RealAudio. If you don’t have full versions of Word and Excel you can download viewers:

Word viewer
Excel viewer

You can also download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDFs and RealPlayer to hear CASHFACTS available in streaming audio.

New to the web?

If you are new to using the web – or need to refresh your internet skills – we recommend the BBC’s excellent Webwise guide.

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