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Different funders have different needs | Funders require budgets to check whether your proposal is viable. Voluntary organisations tend to be funded from a range of different sources. Depending on what you are applying for, some funders will want to see your budget for the whole organisation. Others will want to see a budget for the specific activity or purchase they are funding.

In the Carrot example it is likely that the Council and Shot will have wanted to see a budget containing all the proposed activities. Because they are funding central costs like salaries and rent they will want to know what other funding is being attracted and whether the overall package is attractive. After all, no one wants to fund an empty building or a worker sitting at a desk. They want real outputs for the community – children attending a Supplementary School, young people in a Homework Club or a Summer Play Scheme.

Often this can only be paid for by a consortium of funders that the voluntary organisation puts together. Funders like Merlin TV Appeal – in the example – who are funding a specific activity, want to know what is going to be achieved with their money and are not interested with other activities like the Youth Scheme during term-time. They need a specific budget for the activity that they are funding. The expenditure under note 21 of the example could have been written as a budget and used to apply to Merlin TV Appeal or Joe Tiger Trust. Even though the Summer Scheme is a discrete activity, it is still possible to include some of the central costs of the project. Note how a contribution to rent has been included.

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