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The Carrot is an educational project set-up to provide help with reading, writing, mathematics and black history for inner city children who are failing at state school. A part of its philosophy is to provide a summer scheme to act as a treat to the children who attend during term time. Hence the name Carrot. The project provides two hours of afternoon classes to children three evenings a week during term-time. The scheme has also introduced a homework club for teenagers with a budget for outings to act as a reward, increase horizons and improve social skills.

The Carrot budget and notes are available in the PDF and Word versions at the top of the page.

Some of the funding is restricted to specific projects. Separate grants have been made for the Youth Scheme and Summer Play Scheme. In order to track expenditure these cost centres have been given their own headings in the budget and Bank Analysis Book.

General comments from the Treasurer/Finance Worker | Overall the budget for the year looks OK, but Trustees should be aware that:

The application for £4,000 to the Joe Tiger Trust for the Summer Scheme is still outstanding. They will consider the application in April. Without this funding the Summer Scheme will have serious difficulties, but there is still time to apply elsewhere. There could be a saving if the co-ordinator had a full time involvement in the Play Scheme as happened last year. This would save £500. In the worst scenarios the Play Scheme could be run for a shorter number of weeks, or with fewer staff and less children. Alternatively, if we ran the scheme without the Joe Tiger grant and no other funding, the Carrot as a whole would have a deficit of about £3,000 for the year 2007/8 which we cannot afford.

We have applications outstanding to:

  • Safer Cities, £2,000, for a burglar alarm and grills.
  • Tunnel Trust, £4,000, Supplementary School teaching time.
  • Health Authority, £800, Drugs Awareness Week.

Both income and expenditure associated with these grants has been excluded from the budget, but will be added if the applications are successful.

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Last updated: Mon, Mar 31 2008 - 02:40:04 PM

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