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Treasurer's job description

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The following model job description for a charity treasurer highlights key areas of work. It should be adapted to suit the needs of your charity. This will largely depend on whether the work is undertaken by staff/freelancers or whether the work is done by the treasurer on a voluntary basis.

Budgets and cashflow

  • Prepare the annual budget for approval by the management committee before the beginning of the new financial year.
  • Prepare budgets for specific projects and for fundraising.
  • If funding is paid in arrears or is tight, prepare a cashflow projection for the committee.

Financial reporting

  • Prepare management accounts, comparing actual income and expenditure against what was budgeted and showing the variance (difference) between the two.
  • Prepare draft annual accounts for submission to the auditor/independent examiner.
  • Present the audited accounts/independent examination to the AGM.

Book-keeping, bills and banking

  • Act as one of the cheque signatories (there should be two or more).
  • Maintain a book-keeping system and a petty cash imprest system. Ensure regular and accurate bank reconciliations take place.
  • Maintain a corresponding record keeping system with a file for unpaid bills and a file for paid bills with a cheque requisition slip attached to each bill. Petty cash vouchers and expense forms should also be filed systematically.
  • Ensure that all bills are paid and that all income due is received (there should be a policy to deal with bad debts).


  • Ensure that money held on deposit earns a good rate of interest.


  • If the organisation employs staff, ensure that Inland Revenue regulations are complied with and that all returns are made on time so that fines are avoided.
  • For sessional or freelance staff, ensure that they are taxed or the organisation receives a Schedule D number.
  • Ensure that the management committee is fully aware of all issues relating to employing staff or engaging freelancers.


  • Ensure that appropriate insurances are maintained.


  • Ensure that the organisation is aware of potential new funding and that deadlines for applications are met.
  • Ensure that returns/reports are made promptly to funders and outputs achieved.
  • Have a view of sources of funding and cashflow for the next three years.

Annual returns

  • Ensure that the annual return is made to the Charity Commission (ten months after the end of the financial year) and if the organisation is a company, returns are made to Company House within six months of the financial year end.

Audit/Independent examination

  • Ensure that the organisation has an auditor or independent examiner appropriate to its turnover, constitution and funder requirements.
  • If the organisation receives a management letter ensure that its contents are noted by the trustees and appropriate action is taken.


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