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Get checking! | To be successful at fundraising your organisation should either have the following or a plan and timetable by which they will be obtained:

  • A constitution, preferably registered with the Charity Commissioners.
  • A management committee of at least three people.
  • Regular management committee meetings – at least every two months.
  • Annual elections for the officers of the committee.
  • Minutes of meetings.
  • A bank account with instructions that at least two people must sign each cheque.
  • A set of internal financial controls. (see CASHFACTS: Financial Controls).
  • An annual budget. Larger projects may need a three year budget and cash flow.
  • A book-keeping system which is completed at least quarterly with a bank reconciliation. (See CASHFACTS: Bank Reconciliation).
  • Quarterly finance reports that compare actual income and expenditure with the budget.
  • An auditor or independent examination.
  • Public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance if you are employing people.
  • Insurance to cover property and equipment owned by the charity and other specialist insurances.
  • An awareness of all the laws that relate to your activities. This might include the Childrens Act or other specific legislation that relates to your client group.
  • A complaints’ procedure.
  • An equal opportunities policy covering service users, employees, volunteers and the management committee.
  • A volunteers’ policy.
  • A health and safety policy.
  • When people are employed, a recruitment and employment policy, contracts of employment containing a simple disciplinary procedure, person specifications and job descriptions.
  • A fundraising strategy and access to directories.
  • Induction for new employees, volunteers and management committee members.
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems.

Sources of help

Local CVS

Local Community Accountancy Project

Association of Fundraising Consultants

UK Fundraising

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