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Selling points | To write a good funding application you need to identify the key selling points:

  • Why is the work of your organisation so important?
  • Whose needs are you satisfying?
  • How does your organisation ensure that its efforts are successful?

Think in terms of projects, rather than funding for the whole organisation or funding for specific items like rent. To adjust to “project thinking” write a list of all the services that you are providing and a wish list of the services that you would like to provide. Call each service a project and decide which are the most important and how they fit in with your other activities.

Projects should be in bite size chunks, not too large or too small for the funder that you are targeting. A project could be broken up into smaller projects.

Providing an over 60s lunch club every weekday for a year, at a cost of £30,000 might be a project. Alternatively, providing a Tuesday lunch club would cost £6,000; different funders could be asked to fund other days of the week. A Christmas lunch costing £300 could also be a separate fundable project.

Innovation | Applications that are innovative, fit current fashions, thinking and concerns are more likely to be successful. A catchy title and fresh writing style helps. The proposal should be realistic and achievable, with specific outputs – ie. numbers of lunches served or clients helped.

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